Fine early & mid Century Examples of Cyrus Crown Carpets made in Persia

The Cyrus Crown Kerman



A stunning Cyrus Crown Kerman carpet c.1958.  Elaborate oblong lozenge medallion atop the perfect shade of rose.  This and similar  Cyrus Crown examples  exemplify a celebration of one of the most revered Oriental Rug designs: the French Savonnerie, fully delivered in superb detail and exquisite quality.



Book Cover design


Cyrus Crown c.1956  Embodies the spirit of centuries-old illuminated “book cover designs”, This Cyrus Crown Kerman maintains a wonderful harmony of balance and detail: borders and medallion fluidly contrasted by an open center field of solid, sky blue.



Four Seasons Paradise Garden


A Cyrus Crown Kerman c. 1959.  This very design is considered one of the most important to grace Oriental Rugs: The four seasons “Garden of Paradise” motif.  Oral history indicates a magnificent carpet embellished in jewels and precious metals was woven for a Persian Emperor in this very style.  The carpet was made to emulate exotic gardens adjacent to the King’s Palace. In the long Winter months, he would miss the plush gardens.  The carpet was a way to enjoy the outdoors inside throughout all Seasons of the year.




Ashes of Roses


Cyrus Crown Kerman Circa 1953.  A highly decorative floral floating(with no refining border) in shades of blue.  Reminding the eye: harmony in a carpet is not only the presence of design, but the presence of color.  In this stunning example, a most sublime shade of rose is the compelling attraction. named by the firm as “Ashes of Roses”, few carpets embody such dynamic elegance with casual restraint.






European Kerman


Cyrus Crown Kerman c.1956.  One of the most energized designs of the Cyrus Crown Kermans.  From the outside in: adorned with a highly sophisticated Safavid inspired border, soft tone inset field with dual running floral coverage, a stunning center field with sparse floral sprays, and a highly expressive 12 pointed medallion with “explosively dense” center bouquet.  Known as the K455 design, this style is the ultimate in mid-century Persian rug design and weaving: impressively stunning detail with implied movement.  Originally created in luxurious field colors of ivory, deep celadon green, and sky aqua blue as photographed.



Special Order


Cyrus Crown Palace Carpet c.1957.  An unusual aspect of Cyrus Crown looms was the ability to weave tremendously large and oversize carpets.  The range from sizes of 12′ x 20′ to even larger.  The example on the left is just that:  A magnificent example of a fine Persian Cyrus Crown Kerman in palatial proportions.  Measuring an astounding 15′ x 27′, comprised with an estimated 13 million+ hand tied knots.




Collectors Design



Cyrus Crown Kerman c.1942. Bold & contrasting qua-trefoil medallion atop a densely covered field.  This style and design represents an important aspect in history as well as the future direction of design and colors Dilmaghani produced.  The nature of designs and colors were significantly more commanding in the early 40’s:  Bold design with heavy saturation and strength: perhaps a reflection of a time in war.  The strength and saturation of colors post-war transitioned into a softer stretch of colors and more subdued tones in pastel shades.








A Cyrus Crown Kerman c.1958.  A truly elegant design with an unforgettable shade of aqua sky blue.








Mid Century Cyrus Crown Kerman with famous Ardebil Carpet design c. 1955.  This design is believed to be the longest produced design (25+ years) through the firm’s years of manufacturing in Kerman, Iran.  The drawing and execution are admirable.  The sixteen ogival panels, radiating and equidistant from an almost round sixteen pointed medallion, suggest the design was intended to indicate a circular dome, from which the two golden lamps were suspended.  A quarter of the center design is repeated in the four corners; a harmonious and satisfying convention.


The Cyrus Crown Sarouk

Cyrus Crown Sarouk



Cyrus Crown Sarouk, mid 1940’s.  An unusual carpet in hard-to-find oversize carpet measurement of approximately 9’x 20′.  Marvelously large medallion with open field design & stunning shades of deep ruby red.



Cyrus Crown Sarouk



Cyrus Crown Sarouk, early 1940’s. An exceptional Cyrus Crown Sarouk.  Multiple tone red floral ground with golden lattice and shadow design corner spandrels.




Cyrus Crown Sarouk


Cyrus Crown Sarouk mid 1940’s. This unique example clearly demonstrates the extreme sophistication Cyrus Crown production;  A highly refined design with exquisite level of detail, bountiful color count, expertly woven carpet.