DyesThe following papers are a series of exchanges between Mehdi Dilmaghani & Co., Inc. NY, the firm’s administrative headquarters, and subsidiary factories in Kerman, Iran.

The exchanges from the early 1940’s explain a shortage of natural dyes and tin due to civilian restrictions during World War II.

Ten years later, the firm still faces challenges in  obtaining the special dye: A specific shade of red which could only be derived from Cochineal.  Depending on saturation and grade, this natural dye produces shades of soft rose to a deep, bright red with a tint of blueish purple.  This particular color is deeply rooted in the history of Kerman, Iran.  The documents show efforts to obtain these high grade dyes, reject poor dye already sampled, begin testing of a new sample sourced from a London supplier, then confirmation and purchase of an order.


Documents Comments
Every Cyrus Crown carpet undergoes extensive evaluation:  Inspections on the loom, evaluation after finishing, and comments upon receipt in New York.

Very unique to the firm (and the industry) is the high level of scrutiny each carpet is subjected to, and the very unusual and extensive documentation.


Rug Weavers
The Dilmaghani firm maintains many original records of their first generation Cyrus Crown production.

As a very unusual practice, the firm documented a great deal of information pertinent to the manufacturing of their carpets.  In the event an original tag is still connected to a first generation Cyrus Crown carpet, it is possible to trace that carpet to the specific Dilmaghani Factory the carpet was woven, and even more unusual, the name of the weaver/weavers who wove that specific carpet some 50, 60, even 70 years earlier!

Original Drawings

Original Drawings

Dilmaghani designs are exclusive to the firm, entirely original drawings made in their Company owned design studios from their Persian looms in Kerman and Sarouk Iran to Bulgaria, India and more.

The firm maintains some original maps used to convey designs and color changes to the weavers.

Original Booklets