Cyrus Crown carpets are often woven with a higher degree of artistic merit than market alternatives.  Often Cyrus Crown carpets contain a higher quantity of colors and wider range in shades, more detailed designing, tighter & more even knotting, superior finishing and are consistent through the years.
Several of the above factors contribute to the overall longevity of the carpet, ensuring the carpets endure through the years looking better for longer.

More Colors

Quality Standards More Colors

Cyrus Crown carpets are often designed with 20-40% more range in colors than most commercial grade carpets.

Higher Level of Designing

Each Cyrus Crown carpet is designed with the utmost attention to detail and optimization of knotting.  Note the three similar sections of the carpet map below.  The interior fill design of each is unique.  These, and other similar subtle nuances in Crown Carpets, greatly enhance the decorative appeal and harmonious aesthetic.

Extreme Detail

Tighter Knotting

While knot density is not necessarily a function of quality, Cyrus Crown carpets are often woven with a tighter, more dense weave.

Tighter Knotting
There are specific examples of Cyrus Crown Carpets which emulate the style and motif of those from yesteryear.  In the Firms more recent “Adnan” collection for example, the designs are revival of antique carpets which may be found in the area of 130-180 knots per inch.  In many cases, the newer revival Cyrus Crown versions are 20-40% more densely woven than the originals.

Superior Finishing

The finishing process of carpets encompasses many factors – from shearing to washing and other small details.  In the photograph comparisons below, note the tight looping on the edge of the top green carpet compared to looser ivory carpet beneath.  The top carpet is a Cyrus Crown carpet with one aspect of the finishing process being superior.


Visual Consistency
Visual Consistency 3 Years Apart

3 Years Apart