Cyrus Crown® Sarouk

Cyrus Crown Sarouk

“The Cyrus Crown Sarouk
is a carpet one will not forget.”

Dilmaghani in Sarouk:

Dilmaghani’s subsidiary in Kerman also oversaw the Dilmaghani factories in Arak, Iran.
Arak Iran map
From the early 1930’s through 1951, the Arak / Sultanabad offices served as a rug manufacturing center for Dilmaghani’s Sarouk carpets, distribution point for Persian carpets of all types, as well as a market reporting center.  Records indicate finer quality hand knotted carpets from Engelas, Hosseinabad, Heriz, Dargezine, Hamadan, and Sarouk were all routed through, and exported by, the Firm’s Arak branch.

The demand for large Sarouk carpets was high in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, and the Dilmaghani Firm produced a portion of these very high quality Sarouk carpets in all sizes, especially oversize ranges of 10’x14′ and larger.  Dilmaghani manufactured two fine types of Sarouk Carpets: The American Sarouk, and the Cyrus Crown Sarouk.  Records indicate the firm produced fewer then 4,000 Sarouk carpets in their factories, and certainly no more than 1,500 were ever made with the Cyrus Crown trademark.  Production numbers were lower than the Cyrus Crown Kerman since manufacturing was signficantly more abbreviated.   Total production spanned less than fifteen years.

Cyrus Crown® Sarouk
Dilmaghani Sarouks were of fine quality, especially the exceptional Cyrus Crown Sarouk.  The firms regular Sarouk would commonly feature a large, predominantly red field, with covered floral sprays and a small center medallion with a large print palmette and lotus style border.

Cyrus Crown® Sarouk
Often, the field would be painted a deeper shade of red after the carpet was made.  Other accent colors were also drawn out through the practice of painting shades of green, deep golds, and aqua blues.  Many of these carpets were intended for the American market, which had a greater desire for brighter more energetic colors with deep saturation.

Cyrus Crow® Sarouk
The Cyrus Crown Sarouk is clearly Sarouk in character, yet decidedly higher in quality and more refined in all aspects.  The Cyrus Crown Sarouk remains one of the most sought after and coveted carpets of luxurious early to mid century Persian rug production.

Cyrus Crow® Sarouk
Made from a superb & glossy wool, tight knotting, extraordinarily stylized and extravagant [yet timeless] designs, the Cyrus Crown Sarouk is a carpet one will not forget.

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