Are ALL Cyrus Crown carpets hand knotted?
If the carpet is an authentic Cyrus Crown Carpet, it is indeed hand knotted.

Where do I buy an antique Cyrus Crown carpet?
The first use of the Cyrus Crown was in the 1920’s.  Cyrus Crown carpets continue to grow in popularity and collectible nature.  In the near future, the collection will be considered a true antique (100+ years of age).  Private stock of semi-antique Cyrus Crown carpets may still be available directly through authorized dealers or by contacting us.

Where do I buy a new Cyrus Crown carpet?
Kindly contact us with your special request.  Custom sizes and designs may also be available.

Why should I buy a Cyrus Crown carpet over any other carpet?
When purchasing a carpet, it is ALWAYS best buy what you are drawn to.  Educated buyers, who know the important purchasing points regarding fine carpets, often are elated to see the extraordinary beauty, detail, color and quality of Cyrus  Crown Carpets.

Chances are, if you place a Cyrus Crown carpet next to a carpet of “similar” design, age, origin, quality and construction, you will likely note several subtle yet distinctive characteristics inherent to, the premium elements of the Cyrus Crown Carpet.  Some factors will be abundantly clear, and others may be on a macro level*.  Overall, the nuances of a fine Cyrus Crown carpet resonate well with the seasoned eye.

When you buy a Cyrus Crown carpet, you are purchasing a part of history and legacy that is unmatched.  The Dilmaghani family continues to produce and manufacture some of the finest hand knotted carpets available.  The firm values every step of the rugs’ production.  The final product reflects the high standards required from the materials to the weavers.

Cyrus Crown carpets continue the same techniques as the rugs made since the earliest recovered weavings which date back thousands of years.  When you purchase a Cyrus Crown carpet, you are buying a carpet that will look better for longer and “polish” over time.  A fine Cyrus Crown carpet will endure through many years of use, and age gracefully when properly cared for.  In an industry plagued with going-out-of-business sales and “Buyer Beware!” itinerant auctions, Dilmaghani’s 150 + continuous years in the business started in Persia and now in New York since 1921, speaks for itself.

* “Macro level” meaning; superior wool with longer staple or worsted carding, higher thread count, color count, more intricate use of design, color changes, superior finishing, and other allotments accounted for by the firm to ensure better longevity, etc.

Are the dyes all the best and natural?
Natural dyes do not necessarily imply better dyes.  However, many of the earlier Cyrus Crown carpets have natural indigo and cochineal dyes.   The latter carrying through the late 1950’s as part of the firms 100+ year run of hand knotted rug production in Kerman City [Persia] and outlying areas of Kerman, Iran.  The firm continues using the highest grade dyes available.