Cyrus Crown® Tabriz

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Cyrus Crown Tabriz Carpets were produced through a collaboration with Mehdi Dilmaghani & Co., Inc. headquarters in NY & Tabriz branch, woven in the workshops of Tabatabaie in Tabriz, Iran.

Manufacturing of carpets as a result of the two partnering began in the early 1960’s, through the late 1970’s, spanning approximately 15 +/- years.

Overall, the partnership of the two firms resulted in exquisite examples of Tabriz Carpets, mainly touching upon superior quality, excellent tone-on-tone & contrast, and the revival of classic Persian designs in similar spirit to carpets made in and before the turn of the century.


Documentation and identification within carpets may be verifiable by one of several methods in conjunction: 1. Two Persian inscriptions in Farsi, each translating to the individual firm’s last name.  These will be found in opposing inner minor borders, or, in the outside stripe border.  2.  Double inscriptions in addition to the Cyrus Crown Trademark top and center of the main border.


Typical production of the merged firms manufacturing resulted in a knot density, quality of wool, intricacy in designing, and color quantity typically 30-40% improved over average commercial grade rugs.  The sum of these parts across the board made the carpets significantly more attractive and more desirable products.


N2, N3, N4, N5, N7, N8, N10, N11, N14, N15, N16, N17, N18, N19, N23, N25, N26, N27, N31, N34, N35, N49, N54, K455, K506, K384

Cyrus Crown Tabriz

“JUSTICE with MERCY” A remarkable silk Tabriz rug of Perian origin woven by Dilmaghani master weavers. Depicted is Shah Khosrow deciding the fate of the blindfolded prisoners in the presence of his court. As the magistrate presents his case, the executioner stands in readiness. A dove, perched in symbolic tree of life, hints at the captives’ acquittal. (rug size 5’10” x 4’2″)

It is believed the firms manufactured fewer than 2,750 Tabriz Carpets together.  It is estimated fewer than 1000 carpets were of the branded quality to have dual signatures or dual signatures and the Cyrus Crown trademark.

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